Projects: Bloomingdale’s Beverly Center | Daylighting Solutions


Full Spectrum Inc. is proud to showcase our work at Bloomingdales at the Beverly Center fashion mall. This was Bloomingdale’s first renovations since 1996, and they knew they needed to start by replacing the large yellowing fiberglass skylight that was casting gloomy shadows on the stores main floor. Full Spectrum’s double-panel Quadwall® was chosen to replace the murky 30 year-old fiberglass skylight because of its ability to maintain color in the intense rays of the California sun.

Quadwall® has removable exterior skin so the skylight can provide an unlimited life cycle, additional insulation and improved energy performance to the space below. The Quadwall® system design extends building envelop longevity, by allowing the replacement of the exterior glazing panel without exposing a building exterior. The interior glazing panel stays intact for the life of the building envelope. Paired with ice-white exterior panel and white matte interior panels to allow for optimal daylight to enter the space, the new and improved skylight has changed the whole vibe of the Beverly Center Bloomingdale’s store.

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Daylighting Products: Toplight Skylight


Here at Full Spectrum Inc. we offer a myriad of daylighting products from canopies and walkway covers to translucent wall systems. One of the many great products we offer are TopLite Pre-Assembled Unit Skylights. TopLite Skylights are typically larger than traditional acrylic unit skylights and are better insulated. Most of the TopLites can be custom sized for curb width or curb length, and are the best solution to achieve Energy Code requirements. Our four types of TopLites include the following:

TopLite Pre-Assembled Unit Skylights:

  • Pentaglas TopLites
  • Quadwall Custom TopLites
  • MegaSky TopLites
  • Solar View TopLites

If you’re interested in obtaining more information regarding TopLite Skylights, contact Full Spectrum In Norco, CA at 951-681-6009 or visit our website at to learn more about our additional daylighting products.

Full Spectrum Inc. | Daylighting Solutions

Full Spectrum, Inc. was established in 2003 with the purpose of filling an imperative niche in the Daylighting Industry. Our experienced and professional team here a Full Spectrum brings quality, solutions, speed and accuracy to the table, making us the preferred choice when it comes to all your daylighting needs. Full Spectrum works in tandem with one of the industry’s largest and highly respected Daylighting Manufacturers, CPI Daylighting Inc. Working with CPI Daylighting Inc., Full Spectrum has already successfully installed a myriad of challenging projects.

This year, Full Spectrum is pursuing to enter into yet another sector of the construction industry, thus expanding ours services and value to the construction community. Our products and accuracy here at Full Spectrum allow our team to tackle any challenging projects. Full Spectrum has years of experience and have the resources available to provide you with the best solutions that you deserve!

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