The Full Spectrum Difference

Chris Larson started his construction career with emphasis on the technical aspects of the roofing industry working directly with an architectural and consulting firm. He was charged with marketing, selling and overseeing special projects. After 10 months, he left to start his own roofing company. He secured major client firms i.e., Home Depot, 7-Eleven Corporation, and ConocoPhillips. During these years, he gained firsthand experience with a wide variety of materials eventually specializing in Single-Ply membrane applications. During this period as a roofing contractor his companies have installed over 30,000,000 square feet of various roofing systems. In 2002 he began to offer sheet metal which eventually morphed into complete building wraps i.e., (ACM) panels, soffits, column wraps, etc. along with standing seem roofing.

In 2013 Full Spectrum, Inc. was formed by Adria Larson for the purpose of filling a much needed niche in the Daylighting Industry. Full Spectrum's team brings to the arena quality, experience, solutions, professionalism, speed and accuracy. Working in tandem with one of the industry's largest and highly respected Daylighting Manufacturers, CPI Daylighting Inc., Full Spectrum has already successfully installed a multitude of challenging projects.

By 2016, Full Spectrum seeks to enter into yet another sector of the construction industry thereby expanding its services and value to the construction community. Architectural Concrete and Aluminum Façade Systems provides high strength and an appealing look. It provides a highly desired value engineering solution to real stone and other standard façade applications. The bidding process has already begun