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Insulated Translucent Skylights (2 glazing panels)

UNIQUAD®, The Power of RST - Removable Skin Technology

UNIQUAD® - unitized systems and QUADWALL® - panelized systems are a high performance, Quad Glazed, scalable daylighting system for unparalleled energy efficiency, longevity and diffused daylighting performance.

The innovative RST - Removable Skin Technology design provides two independent translucent glazing panels made with Nano-Cell® technology, empowering users with redundant protection of the covered space and increased control over light and solar heat gain, glazing colors and insulation values.

The UniQuad & Quadwall® systems design extends building envelope longevity, by allowing replacement of the exterior glazing panel without exposing the building's interior. The interior glazing panel remains intact for the life of the building envelope. UniQuad® & Quadwall are today's most versatile, high performing and cost- effective architectural translucent insulated daylighting system!

Bi-Color Design - Offering a Unique Aesthetic and Customized Solar Performance.

Image of Quadwall Custom Translucent Skylights next to diagram

Quadwall Custom Translucent Skylights

Quadwall® Self-Supporting Panelized Skylights Large-Span Structural Quadwall® Systems and Quadwall® With Special Insulation Options

Image of building equipped with Quadwall Fire Rated Skylights

Quadwall Fire Rated Skylights

Quadwall® 2 Panel Special Assembly Listed and Labled as Fire Rated Class 'A' Roof Assembly per ASTM E-108

Image of gymnasium equipped with SolaQuad Controlled Daylighting Skylights

SolaQuad Controlled Daylighting Skylights

Quadwall® 2 Panel Assembly With Built-In SolaBlade® - Controlled Daylighting
Single Slope, Ridge and Pyramid Skylights

Image of Direct2FAB Quadwall Skylights installed on wall of a building

Direct2FAB Quadwall Skylights

Fast Delivery Program for Custom Skylights
Quadwall® - Any Length, Up to 18' Wide
Designed for a Rectangular Curb

Image of Quadwall Forced Entry Resistant Skylights installed on roof of building

Quadwall Forced Entry Resistant Skylights

Certified per Department of State SD-STD-01.01 and Department of Defense Ufc4-020-01
Security Engineering Manual

Image of Quadwall Sound Reduction Skylights installed on wall of a building

Quadwall Sound Reduction Skylights

Quadwall® 2 Panel Assembly
With Special Inserts for Sound Reduction, STC of 32-43

Image of building equipped with Hurricane Endurance Skylights

Hurricane Endurance Skylights

Specially Configured Panel Systems
Certified for Miami Dade NOA
and Florida Hurricane Endurance Codes

Single Panel Translucent Wall Cladding

Pentaglas System Made with Nano-Cell Technology

Pentaglas® standing seam, dry glazed single panel translucent systems are available in variety of daylighting designs suitable for cladding over substructures. The Pentaglas® system is produced using Nano-Cell® technology, the latest and most advanced system for architectural daylighting applications. Design options include both a standing seam look and a flush look.

  • Refined contemporary look with aesthetic appeal
  • Long term resistance to impact and wind loading due to the Nano-Cell
  • Optional matte finish for elegant appearance and diffusion
  • Single source warranty for complete system
Image of building equipped with Single Panel Translucent Walls

Single Panel Translucent Wall

Pentaglas® Insulated Translucent Single Panel Standing Seam and Seamless Flush Look

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