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TopLite Pre-Assembled Unit Skylights

Highly Insulated - Better than triple glazed acrylic skylights Any size up to 7' wide and 23' long

TopLite Skylights were developed by CPI Daylighting in response to the Energy Code requirements for skylights with higher insulation and more light transmission into a covered space.

TopLites are typically larger than traditional acrylic unit skylights and better insulated. CPI Daylighting offers pre-assembled oversized TopLite unit skylights with the industry's best ratio of insulation to light transmission (double the insulation of traditional acrylic unit skylights), resulting in effective and economical energy performance.

  • Custom sized for any curb width up to 7' or any curb length up to 23'
  • Best solution to achieve Energy Code requirements
  • Shipped pre-assembled for installation on a prepared curb
  • Eliminate costly curb modifications to accommodate standard skylight sizes
  • Glare free diffused natural light
  • Attractive upgrade for standard acrylic unit skylights

Image of Pentaglas TopLites

Pentaglas TopLites

Pre-Assembeled Pentaglas® Vault, Ridge
Up to 7' Wide and 23' Long
U-value of 0.38 has L.T. up to 56%
U-value of 0.48 has L.T. up to 71%

Image of Quadwall Custom TopLites

Quadwall Custom TopLites

Pre-Assembled Vault, Ridge, Pyramid, Single Slope Unit Skylights
Up to 7' Wide and 23' Long
Quadwall® 2 Panel Assembly
U-value of 0.23 has L.T. of up to 52%

Image of MegaSky TopLites

MegaSky TopLites

Pre-Assembled Low Rise Vault in Standard Sizes 4' or 5' Widths and 10', 12' or 14' Lengths
Pentaglas® Glazing with Anti-Glare Diffuser Below
U-value of 0.23 has L.T. up to 52%

Image showing rows of SolarView TopLites

SolarView TopLites

Monolithic Polycarbonate or Acrylic
Pre-assembled Units
Low Rise Continous Vaults

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